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….remember me?

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Anonymous said: how many followers u got still


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eeellie said: hi u prick

fck off ellie, every1 give her hate pls 

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Anonymous said: happy valentinesday love your blog <3

happy valentines day xx 

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Anonymous said: Omfg you're back aw

aw but im not back, i like just coming on here now and again to see how much as changed hahahha 

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i miss tumblr

it used to be so good but the new gen are annoying and i hate them so 

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like it please

( hope you remember me :) )

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Anonymous said: why does your brother not cut his hair?


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Anonymous said: what camera and lens do you have?

i have a canon 500d with a 50mm 1.4 usm lens 

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anyone remember that time i changed the colours of my blog to really bright colours? and like 1,000 people were on in at the same time, that was crazy 

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Anonymous said: Did you improve in your school work whiles you was away? That was the main reason you left, right?

yeah that was one of the reasons and yh i did :) 

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falschgedacht said: seeing a post by super-glue on my dashboard made my day, thx <3


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Anonymous said: how many did u lose all that time you where gone ?

like 7,000? something like that but i haven’t been on here properly in about a year so 

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